September ~golden Autumn days !

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Hi Maria,
Thinking of you, as we move into another beautiful season -those wonderful crispy fall days that I remember & love up home so well. These heart-warming days show us all of nature’s bounty, gently unfolding.
While the days begin to grow ever so slowly shorter ’til dusk, we are reminded of our favorite holidays’ season... just around the corner! ;-))

I’m looking forward to seeing you & everyone soon!
Love & ((hugs))    ~Aunt Sonya  <3

Posted by Aunt Sonya on at 03:29pm


01Maria said... / Sep 12, 2009 @ 01:50pm

I can’t wait for you to come up for Christmas!! baking cookies, yay! :)

02Aunt Sonya said... / Sep 16, 2009 @ 02:08am

I have been immersed in your flickr photos for the past hour... they are sooo awesome!  Wow Maria, you have a wonderful eye for capturing the best moments.  True talent!  You take a soul through a magical view of nature, as things are -right before our eyes, if only we stop to see, and it’s a serene place to be.  Thank you for sharing such beauty!  Love, Aunt Sonya

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