June ~ oh wonderful summertime!

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hi maria~ I was thinking ’bout you today, as I often do, so ’thought I’d stop by here to tell you so. 

I know how much you love summertime weather. Now, just a few days away, it’s finally here!
Miss you living near so you could just drop in anytime. At least I got to see you a little more often this Spring, with fun memories of sharing your 16th birthday party :)  How does it feel to be driving?

L o v e  your beach-scape banner! -it beckons us "Maria! Jump in the car, pick me up, and let’s go -Beach Day!"

Also -just wanted to say "I love you" <3

Posted by Aunt Sonya on at 05:21pm


01Maria said... / Jun 18, 2009 @ 11:37am

Hey Aunt Sonya!
the weather is so weird- one day it’s hot, then the next week is cold and rainy. you can’t win.
Driving is a blast! I’m getting pretty good, if I don’t say so myself.. [:
Thanks about my banner! I took it from atop the Ferris wheel at Seaside Heights.
I sooo wish we could come down to see you this summer, visit those amazing Florida beaches! finally go to Clearwater!
I guess we’ll see~ love you too! [:

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