Merry Christmas!!

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I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas day, full of joy and the warmth of family and friends :)

Posted by Maria on at 05:45am

Oh, Walmart..

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I actually saw this. Need I say more?

Posted by Maria on at 05:01pm

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Turkey Day everyone! Hope you all enjoy wonderful feasts and the company of family and friends today :) We certainly have much to be thankful for!

Posted by Maria on at 01:34pm

September ~golden Autumn days !

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Hi Maria,
Thinking of you, as we move into another beautiful season -those wonderful crispy fall days that I remember & love up home so well. These heart-warming days show us all of nature’s bounty, gently unfolding.
While the days begin to grow ever so slowly shorter ’til dusk, we are reminded of our favorite holidays’ season... just around the corner! ;-))

I’m looking forward to seeing you & everyone soon!
Love & ((hugs))    ~Aunt Sonya  <3

Posted by Aunt Sonya on at 03:29pm

Two Living Legends

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Check out my new set, from the greatest night of my life :D

Posted by Maria on at 10:02pm

New Tripod!


I found myself a nice little tripod on Amazon for 6 bucks:
posted image
its wonderful, and I can’t wait to get out and use it! I’ve been needing something for the odd angles I occasionally take pictures at, and this little guy is just perfect.

Posted by Maria on at 09:50pm

June ~ oh wonderful summertime!

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hi maria~ I was thinking ’bout you today, as I often do, so ’thought I’d stop by here to tell you so. 

I know how much you love summertime weather. Now, just a few days away, it’s finally here!
Miss you living near so you could just drop in anytime. At least I got to see you a little more often this Spring, with fun memories of sharing your 16th birthday party :)  How does it feel to be driving?

L o v e  your beach-scape banner! -it beckons us "Maria! Jump in the car, pick me up, and let’s go -Beach Day!"

Also -just wanted to say "I love you" <3

Posted by Aunt Sonya on at 05:21pm



I was thinking I should upload my photography onto my site, but then again, I’ll just give you my Flickr link. [:

Posted by Maria on at 11:17am

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